giovedì 13 novembre 2008

Free Blogger & Clandestine Press

Help please! we are victims of parliamentarians mafia and corrupts.
It is in order to be emanated a law, dictates “LEVI”, with obligation of registration to the ROC (communication's operators registry) for all the bloggers. This law dictates also “kills blog” is devised in order to remove voice to the people and "shut up" the honest citizens and democratics. We are all victims of a fascist dictatorship. Help please!

They are forced to enter clandestinely in order to avoid two years of prison and million fine for crime of clandestine press! They are guilty to express opinions in a fascist dictatorship. Here in Italy, the opinion and word's freedom is being suffocated. To speak means to risk. Help!. Here it is happening of all: thefts, violences, overbearingnesses.

Police and soldiers in uniform, patrol the country and Italians cannot more express freely our ideas. We cannot more criticize this fascist government. Please, you invade us pacifically in order to fire corrupts that are to the parliament, than do not represent more Italy… are themselves elect by themselves with a law “ad personam”.

We are all victims of a fascist dictatorship. You help us please.